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Lisa Frank

Lisa Frank is a certified Therapeutic Breathworker with Transformations Breathwork. She also studied with Clarity Breathwork in Costa Rica in  2019 and attended the Global Conference of Breathworkers in Joshua Tree, California, where she taught yoga to the facilitators and attendees. Lisa most recently attended the Conference of international breathworkers in Lanshut, Germany in August of 2022. She continues to train as an advanced therapeutic breathwork facilitator in order to help you experience all the benefits that your breath has to offer you. Book a private or group breathwork class today.

Lisa received her yoga certification from Pam Guido of Shri Yoga in 2012. Lisa teaches a flowing, open hearted yoga class that is appriate for all abilities. She completed her Svaroopa Yoga Foundations training in June of 2022. Come experience the benefits of this restorative spine releasing yoga practice. Lisa enjoys bringing wellness to her community through yoga, meditation, breathwork, and book study groups. Lisa has also been a member of Moonlodge, a divine feminine group, for most of her life. She enjoys creating and leading rituals for healing and empowerment. 

Lisa's classes


60 minutes, $15/class

This morning Hatha class is taught every Friday morning. Register here for second and 
fourth Fridays and register with Tamra of the Nest Collaborative for first and third Fridays. Begin by connecting with your breath, then move through a carefully sequenced practice of hatha poses that are designed to flow into one another. Build strength, flexibility, and balance on your mat and in your life.

Friday 9:00am (2nd & 4th Fridays)



60 minutes, $15/class


Connect with your breath, body, and inner sanctuary, as you are guided through a flowing, exploratory anusara practice.  (Anusara means flowing with grace and following your heart.)  Affirmations for releasing, healing, and empowerment are woven into each class. 


Wednesday 5:30pm




60 minutes, $15/class

Enter your afternoon reinvigorated. Connect with your breath and body. Come into your interior space  to find peace and clarity .  Allow your body to stretch, move, and flow. Then take your strength, balance, and flexibility off your mat and back into your day. 


Tuesday NOON




90 minutes, $20/class

Yoga extends far beyond doing postures. It is a way of living. The yamas and niyamas are the ethical principles of yoga. These guidelines are like helping hands moving us deeper into our own authenticity and into a life that is richer and fuller than we could ever imagine. Each month we will explore one of these guidelines for living: nonviolence, truthfulness, nonstealing, nonexcess, nonpossessiveness, purity, contentment, self-discipline, self-study, and surrender. If possible, purchase the book, "The Yamas & Niyamas: Exploring Yoga's Ethics

6:00pm-7:30pm First friday of the month



75 minutes, $30/class

The wild woman  answers the internal call of her untamed being. She is wild and free. Come join us to release and let your wild child shine and bloom. Connect with your wild woman through the power of dance. Reserve your spot today as this workshop is limited to 20 women. Workshop led by Goddesses: Lisa Frank (yoga instructor, breathworker and  member of Moon Lodge) and Annette Garber ( spiritual director, retreat facilitator, and writer) 

Thursday,  April 13th 7:00-8:15pm



75 min, $15/class

Enjoy this gentle, healing, spine releasing yoga practice. This one hour class allows you to soften and surrender into a simple Svaroopa sequence.  The poses are concise and reliable for relief of body aches and pains, as well as peaceful and calming to the mind and spirit. You deserve this.

Tuesday 5:30pm 



2 Hours, $35/class

We will use a traditional holotropic music playlist to breathe this month. Holotropic literally means "moving toward wholeness. It combines accelerated breathing with evocative music in order to bring about a non-ordinary state of consciousness. Tap into your inner wisdom, access your inner healing intelligence, and positively transform your life. Come experience this powerful approach to self-exploration and personal empowerment.

June 1:00-3:00pm


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