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Anger is a Sacred Energy Too

Diane Seaman

  • 35 US dollars
  • The Nest Collaborative

What to expect...

"If anger used constructively can help us grow into wholeness, and wholeness is akin to holiness...then anger can be seen as a sacred energy too." Confusion about anger is quite prominent. Expressing it can be hurtful and in extreme forms, lead to violence. There is a considerable anger phobia in the spiritual community with the message, based on misinformation in my opinion, that anger is only bad, unspiritual. But is there another side to this polarity? Might anger also be a useful self-awareness tool to alert us when something isn’t right and fuel us to have the courage to correct it? As a psychological astrologer I see anger as an expression of the Mars archetype, and EVERY archetype has a light and a dark side. Mars is no exception. It is just energy, neither good nor bad. How it is used can be destructive or constructive. There is choice, free will. From my point of view anger can be a potent teacher, a guide, an alchemical fire to burn away the dross, at different stages of the journey. It can be like a rocket booster to blast one out of stuck gravitational fields, a metaphor for stuck outgrown patterns, relationships, roles that no longer serve us. Repression of this emotion, being out of touch with one’s anger can be very disempowering. It can also affect mental health, being a factor in some depression, and physical health, where repressed anger turns inward against the body. This 2-hour presentation will include discussion, Q&A and experiential exercises to move anger out of the body in non-harmful ways. It is my hope that people leave with an appreciation of a more balanced, integrated view of this emotion, as well as concrete tools to manage anger consciously and constructively in their life. ABOUT DIANE: Dianne has been a psychological astrologer and certified past life therapist for decades. After observing the two extreme polarities around anger - must be repressed because not spiritual vs harmful, uninhibited expression - she set out to find the middle path around this emotion.

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  • 629 Court Street, West Reading, PA, USA


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