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Your Teachers

Each teacher has a strong original voice, a different life history, and special point of view on the subject of yoga and transformation. We each contribute to the unique expression of The Nest. Honor your teacher with your commitment and consistency.  The more we get to know you and your practice, the better we can support your unique transformation. 

Click the links under each teacher's pic to see their offerings. 

our classes 

The classes at The Nest are intentional journeys. We invite you to begin where you are and grow into the class(s) suited to your needs. We have something for everyone - from beginners to advanced practitioners.  

Each teacher has his/her independent yoga business within The Nest. We collaborate to create this beautiful space for practice, learning and growing together.  Please register directly with your teacher on her website. Read more about the classes, and or to communicate with your teacher directly via email or their website. We can't wait to get to know you and support your yoga journey. 

commitment & purpose

We're ready to support and enhance your unique life journey with the tools of yoga, Ayurveda, reiki, and personal coaching/mentoring services.  Experience poses/movements, breath work, healthy habits, seasonal awareness, concentration, meditation, energy healing, goal setting, vibrational medicine, woman's rituals, inner medicine practices, self-inquiry, inspirational studies, and more.  Our purpose is to offer a variety of ways. for you to expand your growth potential while supporting you to stay grounded in daily living. 

"Nothing can dim the Light that shines from within."  
                                                                    -Maya Angelou

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