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Your Moon Yoga

Updated: Jun 4, 2023

Moon Yoga 101: Syncing with the Moon You may have seen “Moon Yoga” pop up on the The Nest’s weekly schedule and may have a few questions about this new class.

Moon yoga is based on the idea of tapping into the earth’s natural cycles of the Moon and applying the different ebb and flow of these cycles to our yoga practice. Just as the moon goes through phases so does our human body. We'll explore how each phase affects our physical and mental states.
The intentions, centering and yoga poses will align with the type of energy the moon is bringing with in to help us to hone into its energetic pulse. Hip opening, heart opening and shoulder stretches are just one of the many focuses Moon Yoga covers. Join us on Tuesdays from 6:45- 7:55pm. Register at Moon Yoga FAQ
Must I have yoga experience to participate in Moon Yoga? Absolutely not! Moon Yoga is a hatha yoga class that is guided by a certified yoga instructor who leads you through every step of the way. How long is each class? Each Moon Yoga class is an hour and ten minutes long. The class begins with centering, intention setting, a warm-up, different flows and a cool-down. Do I need to be flexible to do Moon Yoga? Nope! All poses have modifications and will be cued throughout the practice. Props can be utilized and are there to support your practice. This class is all about your experience, so you get to decide what feels good for your body. How is this class different from other yoga classes? This class is rooted in traditional yoga poses. The difference comes with the themes and poses that are chosen every week. Each class will vary on the poses that correlate with the different points of the lunar cycle, keeping your practice new and fresh. After a Moon Yoga class, you will leave with a feeling of connection to your body, self and the natural rhythms of the moon.
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