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5 Blanket Package

5 Blanket Package

Minimum order is 5 yoga blankets. 


Twin Size Brushed Plaid Blanket. Perfect for yoga propping. This blanket measures 68" x 80" It features a reversible design with assorted plaid colors..

Crafted from a high-quality blend of acrylic, cotton, and polyester, this blanket offers stability for a number of different ways to support yoga poses. Folded, rolled, covering for restorative, head support...and more.  The brushed texture enhances the softness and comfort, providing a cozy feel. Weighing approximately 4.25 lbs, this blanket offers a substantial weight.

These are perfect for your home yoga practice. Shipping is free anywhere is the USA.  Colors: Gray, Assorted, Fucshia, Teal, Green, Purple, Burgundy, Burnt Red, Turquoise, Royal Blue

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